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Tournament Seedings

The Tournament Seedings are the same as the Rankings page. Instead of trying to keep two pages updated, we’ll just have Tournament Directors use the same page as players:

2016 Rankings


  • Click on a column headers to sort. The default sort is by Minimum Division, then points in each division. Sorting by Last Name will give you an alphabetical list which is more useful to seed players and make sure they are in the correct division.
  • When this page is printed from a Firefox Browser ( available here ) the column headers will show up on each page, which should make it easier to keep track of what is where.
  • Click Here for explanation of Points, Rankings, and Advancement.
    NOTE! The last column in the table has changed from the players’ ranking in the previous season to the number of points from last season. So and “O-40” is ranked higher than an “O-23”.