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Tournament Directors

This page contains information needed by all Tournament Directors. The forms below will help your registration process, or can be displayed throughout the day for player reference.

Thank you for your help in being organized, we hope your tournament will run smoothly as a result!  Please ask the UOVA Reps at your tournament if you have any questions or if we can do anything to help.  Good luck in running a successful tournament!

UOVA Rep – Would you like to know who your UOVA Rep is going to be for your tournament?  One of your UOVA Reps will be contacting you approximately two weeks prior to your event to check in.  Please feel free to contact your UOVA rep with any questions.

All general questions regarding UOVA reps should be directed to:
Liz McKnight at liz [AT]


PDF Tournament Director’s Handbook
PDF of Tournament Director’s Handbook.
Click here to download
DOCX Tournament Application
Online Form to complete to request a tournament.
Click here to go to the form


PDF Pool Sheet
A pdf of the UOVA Pool Sheet for your use.
Click here to download
PDF Registration Log Sheet
Use these forms to keep track of your preregistered players and use the day of for registration.
Doubles with T-shirt
Doubles without T-shirt
Triples with T-shirt
Coed 4s without T-shirt
PDF Tournament Brackets
Tournament Brackets for your use single elimination and double elimination brackets from 4 team tournaments on up.
Click here to download
PDF UOVA Rule Clarifications
Click here to download
PDF Tournament Evaluation
Your UOVA Rep will be evaluating your tournament.  At the end of each tournament, your UOVA rep will go over this form and fill it out. It then gets submitted back to UOVA and you will receive a copy if you wish. We wanted you to be able to see the areas of your tournament that will be evaluated, so there wont be any surprises.
Click here to download
PDF NCAA Waiver Form
If you have a player who is needing to keep their status as a non professional athlete.If you have a player who is needing to keep their status as a non professional athlete.
Click here to download

Email Blast – For $25.00 UOVA will send out your tournament information to our email list. We reserve the right to approve your message and request your email be related to volleyball.

Please send your email to uovalist [AT]

–  The email Subject line and message you send is exactly how it will be sent to the UOVA Members.
–  If your email blast was not pre-paid you will be invoiced for your email blast as soon as it goes out.

Nets – To arrange to borrow the UOVA nets call Amelia Watts two weeks before your tournament at (385) 468-1676, or e-mail: amelia [AT]  Nets must be signed out and returned within 48 hours of your event unless arrangements are made to pass the nets along to the next Tournament Director.  Please be sure to report any missing net parts to Amelia so we can get replacement parts ordered.


– OR –

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Logos – Please make sure the UOVA logo is on your tournament flyer and any promotional materials you use for your tournament. Right click on the logo and save as.

We will not put any flyer on the web site unless it has this logo.