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Player Code of Conduct

The following “Player Code of Conduct” has been adopted by UOVA. By signing the membership application form, all UOVA members agree to the terms and conditions of this Code. By signing a tournament entry form, all players agree to abide by the UOVA Code of Conduct during UOVA-sanctioned tournament.

CODE OF CONDUCT SPECIAL FOCUS:  Swearing/Foul Language will be reprimanded and penalized at all UOVA tournaments.  One warning will be issued by the UOVA rep or by the Tournament Director, accompanied by a side-out and a one-point penalty.  A second infraction will result in a game forfeit penalty, and a third will result in you being asked to leave the tournament.  Our tournaments are attended by families, children, and the public, and we want to present the finest volleyball and sportsmanship possible.  Thank you for your cooperation!

Additional Code of Conduct Rules

  1. NO PLAYER, TEAM OR SPECTATOR SHALL verbally abuse, taunt, provoke, or disrespectfully address on official, scorekeeper, Tournament Director, UOVA Board of Director, other player, or spectator before, during, or after a game, nor shall they use foul or demeaning language within hearing of any spectator, opponent, official, scorekeeper or Tournament Director, even if directed at only themselves.Minimum Penalty: Probation for one year from date of infraction, ejection from that tournament and the next scheduled UOVA sanctioned tournament.
    Maximum Penalty: Suspension for one year from date of infraction.
  2. NO PLAYER, TEAM OR SPECTATOR SHALL physically attack any player, official, Tournament Director, UOVA Board of Director, other players or spectator before, during, or after a game. Player will remain suspended until his/her case has been considered.Minimum Penalty:  Ejection from that tournament, and suspension for twenty (20) UOVA scheduled tournaments.
    Maximum Penalty:  Suspension for life, and/or assault charges filed.
  3. Players and officials are prohibited to use any illegal substance before, during or after competition in the immediate vicinity of the scheduled playing area. Players or officials who, in the opinion of the tournaments director or UOVA Board of Director, appear under the influence of any illegal substance shall be ejected from the tournament and any officials ejected will forfeit their next match.Minimum Penalty:  Probation for one year from date of infraction.
    Maximum Penalty:  Suspension for the remainder of the season.
  4. Any player being placed on probation and reported again for violating the “Code of Conduct” will be given the maximum penalty as outlined. Their case will be reviewed by UOVA’s Board of Directors before being eligible to participate in any UOVA sanctioned event.
  5. Any player removed from the tournament for a Code of Conduct violation must leave the playing area immediately (OUT OF SIGHT AND OUT OF SOUND). Failure to do so will carry a minimum penalty of suspension for the remainder of the season.
  6. Participants may be held responsible for damages caused by negligence or intentional acts.
  7. Probation and suspension may carry over from one season to the next.
  8. Provocation is not legitimate defense to overturn any suspension or ban. All participants are presumed to have notice of these rules and are governed by the stated rules that cover all conduct before, during, and after a game.
  9. Any suspended players or spectators must address the UOVA Board in person before being considered for reinstatement to participate in UOVA sanctioned events.
  10. The UOVA Board of Directors has the option of modifying any Player Code of Conduct rule and/or penalty when deemed appropriate.

Sand bag rule:  If a player or team, in the opinion of the Tournament Director after due investigation, blatantly and intentionally forfeits or loses a final match in order to not qualify for the next highest division, the Tournament Director shall submit in writing the descriptions of the actions to the UOVA Board of Directors. Upon a review by the UOVA Board of Directors, the player may be automatically ranked to the next highest division and may be required to return any awards received in the said tournament.