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Points and Rankings Explanation

How Points are Awarded:

First place players receive as many points as there are teams in the division.
Second place players receive 1st place points minus 2
Third place players receive 2nd place points minus 3
Fourth place players receive 3rd place points minus 4
Fifth place players receive 4th place points minus 5
Points will be awarded down as far as the points go. All teams that tie for a position will be awarded the same number of points. This will usually happen for 5th place and possibly others depending on bracket format and the number of teams advancing.

Example – 16 teams in a division:
First Place: 16 Pts
Second Place: 14 Pts
Third Place: 11 Pts
Fourth Place: 7 Pts
Fifth Place: 2 Pts
NOTE: there must be 6 teams in a division for points to be awarded

Advancement and Minimum Participation Rules

  • Players must advance to the next highest division after his/her FIRST win in any division: Novice, B, and A, provided there are at least 6 teams competing in that division.
    • This applies to Mens, Womens, and Coed tournaments.
    • Players are NOT required to advance from AA on the grass to Open on the sand.
    • If there are less than 6 teams in a division, there is no advancement requirement, and points will not be awarded in Grass divisions.
  • Each new season, the top 10 players from each division from the previous season must play in that division or higher. Those that earned points but did not finish in the top 10 may move down only 1 division during the following season.
    • For Mens Open, the top 20 Players must stay in Mens Open and/or AA.
    • If there are less than 10 players with points in a division, those players will not be required to stay in the division, but may only move down 1 division from the highest division where points were earned.
  • Once a player earns points in a division, they may not play in a lower division for the remainder of that season.
  • A tournament director may allow a player to play in a lower division than that required by these rules, but that player’s team will not be allowed to advance out of pool play.

Other Info

Since you have read this far, we’ll post another piece of information in which you may be interested. It doesn’t really fit anywhere else, but here you have it.

How top teams are selected from pools to advance to bracket/playoffs.

Generally the top two teams from each pool advance out of pool play into a single elimination bracket playoff. The top two teams are selected by overall win/loss record.

In case of a tie, pool play winners are determined first by win/loss record, second by head-to-head, third by head-to-head points scored against, and fourth by overall points scored against. If the tie is for the second seed, the third option is a playoff of one game to 11 points and cap at 13, or as determined by the Tournament Director. Teams cannot be eliminated by points. If tied by win/loss record, a playoff game must be played.