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Transitioning From Indoor to Outdoor Volleyball

Transitioning from Indoor to Outdoor Volleyball
April 19, 2017
This is the time of year when outdoor volleyball players are itching to get outside! The days are getting longer and the weather getting nicer and the UOVA season is here! If you have never played outdoor volleyball and are an indoor player there is no better way to improve your game than to play outdoor. As an indoor player playing outside you will have to work on your weaknesses because if you are a strong hitter you will be forced to play defense, set, and pass the ball. Variables like the sun and wind will impact ball flight and strategies are different in outdoor versus indoor. It is fun to watch an indoor doubles team play outdoor for the first time. There is a style of play about them that is not very successful at first. Their learning curve is great and midway through pool play they have gotten “it” and are now doing well and having fun.

We came up with a short list of things to help with the transition:

  1. It is a totally different game. Be ready to have lots of touches on the ball.
  2. Be smart about ball placement.
  3. Learn how to do everything, with only two players you will be serving, setting, digging, and hitting.
  4. Don’t expect to jump as high (especially in sand), so your timing will be a little different.
  5. It’s not going to be a perfect set every time, hit the ball over the net!
  6. Have Fun! It is a beautiful day outside to enjoy the sun!