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UOVA Costume Coed 2s to 4s

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Saturday, October 7th

For this tourney, you will register as a Coed Doubles Team (one guy and one girl, or two girls). Then you will be combined with other Coed teams to play 4 on 4 in a Kings/Queens format so you will stay with your partner all day, but the other 2 on your team will change each match. Each team will accrue the points their team earns to determine who moves on to tournament play. Depending on how many teams in each division will depend on how many teams come out of each pool, and if we need another round of pool play before tournament. Tournament will consist of one pool of the top four doubles teams in each division playing each other to determine the winner. Top four teams in each division get prizes, and prizes will also be given for the best costumes!

Tournament Divisions –
Competitive: Highly competitive players, players with good command of skills, or Collegiate players/pros

Recreational: Recreational players with high level of consistency or New players developing their skills

Location –
Big Cottonwood Regional Complex, 4400 South 1300 East, SLC, UT

Play Starts at 9:00 am. Check-In and Registration from 8:00 – 8:30 am.
Any registration after 8:45 am add $5.00 to your fee.

Pre-registration closes at 5 pm on Friday, Oct 6.
You can register online from the links below :

1 UOVA Member – $20
1 Non-UOVA Member – $30
Both UOVA Members – $40
1 UOVA Member, 1 Non-UOVA Member – $50
Both Non-UOVA Members – $60

Day of Registration: UOVA Member, $25.00, Non UOVA Member, $35.00

For questions contact Traci Siriprathane @ or 801.244.2555.