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We’ve put together some of the most frequently asked questions to help both the newcomer to UOVA and the experienced veterans. If you still have a question, or suggestions to improve our answers, let us know through the Contact page.



Q – What is UOVA?
A – The Utah Outdoor Volleyball Association (UOVA) is a non-profit organization that sanctions tournaments throughout the summer.

Q – What does “sanctions” mean?
A – saNG(k)SHən – verb. give official permission or approval for (an action). We provide a standard set of rules and guidelines for tournaments that provides consistency on what you will find from week to week at each tournament on our schedule. We also provide the nets and have representatives at each tournament to try to help things run smoothly. Results from tournaments on our schedule are reported back to UOVA and we post the results and rankings on our website. For a tournament to be listed on our schedule, they have to agree to the standards we have set up.

Q – Do you guys run the tournaments or what?
A – No, well … not usually, but sometimes. Most of the tournaments on our schedules are run by Cities, Counties, or Schools in Utah. If there are open weekends on the schedule, UOVA will sometimes run a tournament on that weekend where one of our board members would be the tournament director.

Q – What is a tournament director? Are they part of UOVA?
A – Tournament Directors are responsible for running their tournament, from the registration and set up of divisions and pools, to awarding prizes at the end of the day and reporting the results. Some of our board members do run tournaments for the schools or community organizations they work for, but most tournament directors are not board members.



Q – What should I expect at a tournament? How does a tournament day typically go?
A – Check-in and registration for each tournament can vary, but typically starts around 8 am. Even if you pre-register (highly recommended) you still need to check-in at the registration table by 8:30 am at the latest. Once everyone has registered and checked-in, the Pools for each division are set up. Our goal is to get the first pools started by 9 am, but may be later for larger tournaments. In pool play, you will play each of the other teams in your pool one or two sets, depending on the number of teams in the pool. Each team will have Refereeing assignments in addition to the matches they are playing. After pool play, the top teams (number designated before play starts and noted on your pool sheet) will advance to a single-elimination bracket. They play through to decide 1st through 3rd place, who then take down and put away the nets and are awarded prizes.

Q – Do I need a partner?
A – Yes. Unless the tournament is King/Queen of the Beach format, you will need to register with a partner (or team for 3s or 4s tournaments).

Q – I don’t know anyone else that plays. How can I find a partner?
A – A couple options are to post something on our Facebook page, or attend the Wednesday Night drop-in play to find others with a similar skill level. You can let the tournament director know you are looking for a partner and they can keep an ear out for any others in the same boat.

Q – What do I need to bring to a tournament?
A – Money for registration if you haven’t paid/registered yet, sunscreen, water (tournaments should have a water supply, but it’s a good idea to bring your own bottle), and a ball are the basics. Many players bring a blanket or chair to sit on while not playing, and some also have shade canopies, coolers, etc. Depending on the pool you are in, and how many nets you are playing on, you may or not have time between matches to grab something to eat, so it’s a good idea to bring some food as well.

Q – How long will the tournament last?
A – It depends on the number of teams in your division and how quickly players get through their games. Generally, you should plan on being there through mid to late afternoon, though some tournaments have not finished until evening.

Q – How much do tournaments cost?
A – Registration for most tournaments is $25 if you pre-register, and $30 if you register day-of. UOVA Members save $10 per tournament, so it is only $15 if you pre-register and $20 if you register day of for UOVA members.

Q – Is there any way to play for free?
A – Most tournaments need help setting up nets. Those that come early and set up nets get to play for free. UOVA puts on a Net Setup Clinic at the beginning of each season to show you the proper way to set up (and take down) the UOVA nets. Attendees are put on a list. We recommend tournament directors use people on that list to set up their nets. If you are interested in helping set up, you will need to contact the tournament director ahead of time (at least a couple days before the tournament) to make arrangements.

Q – Do I need to bring my own ball?
A – It is a good idea to have at least one ball between you and your partner for warming up. If you don’t have one, most other players on your court are going to be nice enough to let you borrow one.

Q – Are there prizes?
A – Generally 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in each division are awarded prizes. The prizes are determined by the Tournament Director. UOVA recommends prize values of at least $25/player for 1st, $20/player for 2nd, and $15/player for 3rd. These are just recommendations and the actual prizes awarded are up to the tournament director.

Q – Will I get a t-shirt?
A – This also depends on the tournament. Some tournaments don’t give out t-shirts at all, some do just for winners, and some do just for pre-registered teams. Check the tournament details on our website or Facebook, and contact the Tournament Director if you have any questions.

Q – I have a comment/concern/complaint about a tournament. Who do I contact?
A – UOVA would love to hear your feedback about tournaments. We pass this feedback on to our tournament directors at the meeting for them each year to help them make their tournaments better. You can use the “Contact” link at the top of our website, or email us at: The Tournament director would most likely also like to hear your thoughts. Their email address will be on our schedule.

Q – I’m having issues/problems/questions about registration. Who do I contact?
A – Because each tournament is set up and run by its own tournament director, that is the best person to contact. Their email address and phone number are listed on the schedule. UOVA is unable to help with Registration problems, so if you contact us, we will just refer you to the tournament director.

Q – Where do I find this schedule you speak of? How do I find details about tournaments?
A – Our up-to-date schedule can be found under the Schedule link at the top of the page. We also add posts to our home page and Facebook page about tournaments as they get closer.

Q – I want to run a tournament. How can I get on your schedule?
A – Potential tournament directors should read through our Tournament Directors Handbook, located under Tournament Directors at the top of the page. If you are still interested, you can complete the Tournament Request Form. These are due by mid-December for tournaments for the following year. If you want to get a reminder email in November, email requesting to be on the Tournament Request list.



Q – Why should I get a UOVA membership? What’s in it for me?
A – 1. Save $10 for each tournament played
2. A chance to win a New Volleyball and other great prizes in “Members Only” drawings at each tournament played!
3. UOVA Member T-shirt
4. The most current information by being on UOVA’s exclusive email and mailing lists

Q – If I give you my email address, am I going to get all sorts of SPAM?
A – No. You will receive emails about upcoming tournaments and UOVA registration. Usually averages 1 a week at the most during the summer.

Q – Do I have to be a member to play?
A – No. Tournaments are open to everyone, but members pay $10 less for each tournament.

Q – Is it worth it?
A – We are kind of biased, so we definitely think so. From a purely financial view point, the membership costs $25. You save $10 for each tournament you play. So if you are going to play 3 or more tournaments in a summer, it is definitely worth it. If you are going to play 2, it is like getting a sweet t-shirt for $5.

Q – What does UOVA do with all our money?
A – UOVA is a non-profit, so membership fees are used to build the organization and support our members. Our biggest expenses are net purchases and part replacement, balls for our ball drawing each tournament, and T-Shirts for members. We’ve also invested in a camera to take pictures at the tournaments (posted on our website and Facebook page), and net books to facilitate a smoother UOVA registration process. Board members have been begging to use the money for a cruise, but the Treasurer is holding strong and shoots it down every time it comes up.

Q – How long does my membership last?
A – Memberships are good for the current calendar year. If you buy one in March, it expires the end of December. If you buy it in August, it expires the end of December. If you buy it in October, any guesses? That’s right – it expires the end of December.



Q – What kind of nets does UOVA use?
A – We have switched most of our nets to the Park and Sun Spectrum Classic. We still have a few of the Home Court (Model 201) nets. When they are set up correctly, they work great, but there are a lot more parts and are more complex to set up.

Q – Where can I get a net like the ones you use?
A – Amazon usually has the lowest price. It had bounced between $235 and $255 over the last couple years.

Q – What kind of volleyballs are used at tournaments?
A – The ball you will find used the most at our tournaments is the Wilson Official AVP Game Volleyball.

Q – Where is a good place to buy a ball?
A – UOVA buys the AVP balls in bulk each year so we usually have them available for sale for $40 at the UOVA table/check-in area during Registration in the morning. VolleyHut (link on the right of our page) usually has them for a pretty good price. You can also check Amazon.