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June 2010 Minutes

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Utah Outdoor Volleyball Association Board meeting minutes for June 14, 2010
In attendance: Taunzia, Bob, Kevin, Banyan, Lon, Traci, Lori, Stacy
Excused: Sundi, Liz, Amelia, Shea
Minutes for May sent ahead of time to everyone via email. Liz motioned to approve those minutes and Amelia seconded.
Bob requested 1039.36
Lon requested 30.00
Motion for approval by Lori seconded by Banyan

Lon took four buddy passes so he now has a credit of 0.
Banyan used 2 buddy passes for season opener.

Lon report on Shea’s drop in league. The league is doing well. 6 nets up regularly, with lots of people attending. We still need information from Shea. Maybe have her redo the schedule for the junior clinic to begin at a later date.
Davis county drop in league: Rusti Ferris is interested in heading this up. We think there could be liability issues. We want to support her but need it to be separate from UOVA. We an help her do a blast or a post in the forum. We will tell her to get some backing from an organization that will let her piggy back on their insurance.

UOVA rep assignments:
June 19 Lori and Traci
June 26 Lon and Mindy maybe
July 3 Sundi for women’s open, Lon and Kevin or Stacy and Traci as alternates
July 5 Lon and a Willett
July 10 Sundi and Liz
Amelia wanted approval to buy six new net bags. Lon would like to evaluate those and see if they can be repaired. Lon assigned to do that and also check the parts bag.
Taunzi will send Amelia and email telling her not to buy them yet.

Tourney follow ups. Bob had 115 teams and ran out of nets
Kari had 46 teams and was very happy with her running reverse coed

We discussed reverse coed men hitting rule. This needs to be posted on the website and put into the 2011 rule book.
– Reverse coed-in front of the 10 foot line men cannot contact the ball above the plane of the net.
-Parent/child-the adult may not make contact with the ball above the plane of the net.
Kevin will write this rule clearly and email it to the webmasters to be put on the internet.

FYI: Wasatch beach- June 5, offered a men’s open division against UOVA’s Clearfield tournament, which also was offering that division.

Bob looked into these and brought 8 advertisements on varying trailers. The one that looked like it might fit our needs best was on KSL and the price of $1500 and was a 6X10.
Lon check on the price of gravel fenced storage and got a quote of $55 a month.
Amelia has a place in her rec center that could house the nets. It would mean a lot of loading and unloading.

We discussed doing a season closing dinner. It was suggested that maybe doing up more bags and shirts would be more of an appropriate way to show player appreciation, since it does look like we will run out before all of our members have signed up. Bob motioned and Traci seconded that we will do 100 more of each.

Next meeting July 12,

Amelia Watts – 2
Banyan Sillito – 2
Bob Ward – 3
Kevin Willett – 3
Liz McKnight – 2 1/2
Lon Woodruff – 1/2
Lori Taylor – 3
Shea Seever – 1 1/2
Sundi Brown – 2 1/2
Taunzia Hansen – 2 1/2
Traci Siripathane – 3

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