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March 2017 Minutes

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March UOVA Monthly Meeting Minutes
Monday, March 13, 2017 9:00 a.m.
Westminster College
Foster Hall, Faculty Lounge
1840 South 1300 East
Salt Lake City, Utah

Attendance: Amelia, Traci, Taunzia, Becky, Banyan, Liz, Wilber, Jonathan, Bob, Rachel, Des
Absent: Sundi, Jacque, Lon

  1. February Minutes Approved
  2. Financial Report
    1. Review Financial Statements for February
    2. Food from last meeting and Tournament Directors meeting, postage Box, Web page hosting and square fee all paid.
    3. Reimbursements paid: Liz – $25.39 printing for TD meeting
  3. New Business
    1. Member Giveaways- T-shirts
    2. Volleyballs – Traci will order 50 of the new volleyballs for this season.
    3. Net set up clinics – We will have two this year, one in SL county and one in Utah county. Wednesday, April 12 6:30 at Cottonwood Complex, and Tuesday April 18th 6:30 at the old Lehi swimming pool, 451 E. 200 S. Banyan will post on website
    4. Tournament fee increase – We voted to increase the fee of the tournament to $20 for preregistered members and $30 for preregistered nonmembers. Day of would be $5 more, so $25 for members day of and $35 for nonmembers day of. We are recommending that the tournament directors increase their prizes by $5 each this year, and next year it will be a strong recommendation.
    5. Tournament Reps – St. George – Sundi (open), Tracik, Rachel and her partner Lindsey. There are two rooms that Sundi and Traci will get from St. George.
    6. Rule Sheet – We looked over the new rule clarification page and everything looks good.
    7. Free Memberships – Wes McKnight, Wing Butler, and Parker Butler worked four or more tournaments last year so they get a free membership. Traci will contact them and let them know.
    8. Board member shirts – Traci will order new blue shirts for the new board members. We decided that all board members should get a new jacket. Everyone will look for possibilities for next meeting.
    9. Wilber proposed that we get some Spike Ball equipment to have at our tournaments because it is becoming a big thing. The board decided against getting any ourselves and just sticking to volleyball for now, but if someone wants to come to a tournament and have it on the side we are ok with that as long as it is ok with the tournament director.
  4. Old Business
    1. Email Blast – Bob will work on getting the google group email set up
  5. Next meeting April 10, 2017 at Murray Sports Office
  6. Adjournment

Buddy Passes:
Traci – 4
Liz – 3
Banyan – 3
Taunzia -4
Sundi – 1
Becky – 4
Bob – 4
Amelia – 4
Lon – 2
Wilber – 3
Jonathan – 3
Des – 2
Rachel – 2
Jacque – 1

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