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January 2017 Minutes

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January UOVA Monthly Meeting Minutes
Monday, January 9, 2017 9:00 a.m.
Westminster College
Foster Hall, Faculty Lounge
1840 South 1300 East,
Salt Lake City, Utah

Attendance: Amelia, Traci, Taunzia, Becky, Banyan, Liz, Sundi, Wilber, Jonathan, Des, Bob (Via Phone)
Absent: Lon

  1. November Minutes Approved
  2. Financial Report
    1. Review Financial Statements for November and December
    2. Added depreciation in for the nets in December.
    3. Wells Fargo checking at the end of December is $10,607.57.
    4. Reimbursements paid: none
  3. New Business
    1. Establish Murray Sports Office as location of February Board Meeting
    2. Follow-up on status of future board meeting locations. Bob will contact UVU/MATC extension near Thanksgiving Point and Becky will contact Maritz CX.
    3. Review and discuss application of Jacque Jaeger and Rachel Olsen as new voting Board Members. Board votes to approve both Jacque and Rachel contingent on their attendance and acceptance of responsibilities.
    4. Review 2017 Tournament Schedule.
      – Set Kings/Queens Tournament for April 22nd.
      Free for members if they sign up with online membership before the day of the tournament.
      $20/same day registrations for non-members.
      $10.00 for members that register the day of the tournament.
      – There are still several open tournament dates that can be filled, including September 30th.

    5. Discuss ways to grow the Reverse Co-ed Format.
    6. Board moves to hold another art design competition for UOVA T-shirts. Banyan will post details for contest online. Winner will receive $50 award and free membership for 2017. Deadline 2/12/17
    7. Member Giveaways- Pricing Ball Pumps/Visors/Hats Traci and Banyan checking ball pump pricing. Advertising printed copies will be done by Lon again.
    8. Mike Manczuk will be advertising with UOVA again and possibly the University of Utah will have a sand series to advertise. No schedules have been submitted yet. Bob will follow-up. Sundi will also reach out to JJ VanNiel.
    9. Review updates on Rules. UOVA will align with FIVB and provide FIVB rule link to members. We will provide a FAQ sheet on most common rule questions such as directional blocking and double contact. However, we will keep continuation rule
    10. Liz will recreate scenarios for Tournament Director Meeting. We’ll spend more time on seeding pools, Traci will enter question on Kahoots. Cater through Noodles & Co.
    11. Follow-up with Bob on resolving our email blast challenges
    12. Board votes to keep Taunzia as President, Bob as Vice-President, Traci as Treasurer, Becky as Secretary, Liz as Tournament UOVA Rep Coordinator, Sundi as Sand Representative, Amelia as Nets Representative and Banyan to Maintain Website.
  4. Next meeting February 13, 2017 Murray Sports Office
  5. Adjournment

Buddy Passes:
Traci – 2
Liz – 1
Banyan – 1
Taunzia -2
Sundi – 1
Becky – 2
Bob – 2
Amelia – 2
Lon – 1
Wilber – 1
Jonathan – 1
Des – 1

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