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February 2017 Minutes

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February UOVA Monthly Meeting Minutes
Monday, February 13, 2017 9:00 a.m.
Westminster College
Foster Hall, Faculty Lounge
1840 South 1300 East,
Salt Lake City, Utah

Attendance: Amelia, Traci, Taunzia, Becky, Banyan, Liz (by phone), Wilber, Jonathan, Lon, Bob, Rachel, Jacque
Absent: Des, Sundi

  1. January Minutes Approved
  2. Financial Report
    1. Review Financial Statements for January
    2. Wells Fargo checking at the end of January is $10,546.05.
    3. Reimbursements paid: none
  3. New Business
    1. Review 2017 Tournament Schedule.
      – Kings/Queens Tournament could be April 15th (same day as SL Marathon) or April 22nd.
      – One open date filled, one still open in April.

    2. Only one person submitted designs before the meeting. Design is selected but would like to make slight changes to design and possible changes to colors. Will finalize at Tourney Directors Meeting on Thursday
    3. Member Giveaways- Board decides not to purchase giveaways beyond the t-shirt, but board members will check with contacts to see if any companies are interested in sponsoring and purchasing a giveaway with their brand/logo on it. Bob will create a post for facebook and our website to invite our members to also find sponsors.
    4. A potential sponsor, FEAT Socks, is interested in being a vendor at our tournaments. Taunzia will respond to FEAT and let them know they will need to work with each tournament director for permission to be a vendor at tournaments. UOVA is okay with them selling at UOVA-run tournaments.
    5. Reviewed Tournament Director Meeting Agenda
      – Board agrees to increase advertising prices in printed schedule by $5 for each size ad.

    6. Tournamen Directors Handbook
      – Liz has a couple questions on Seeding and pool placement.
      – When seeding into pools, first use this year’s points for that division, then last year’s points for that division, then this year’s points for other divisions, then last year’s points for other divisions, in that order.
      – When pools have unequal number of teams for one division, top ranked team should go into the larger pool
      – When seeding AA pools, Open and AA points should be considered equally.

    7. Rulebook – Instead of publishing the FIVB/USA rulebook with additions for UOVA differences, we will just reference the FIVB/USA rulebook, and only publish the UOVA distinctions. That keeps us out of potential trouble for re-printing copyrighted materials, and we also don’t have to continually update our rules if FIVB/USA changes their rules. It will require that the Board keep up-to-date with FIVB rule changes. The rulebook we will refer members to can be found here:
    8. Follow-up with Bob on resolving our email blast challenges
  4. Next meeting March 13, 2017 at Westminster
  5. Adjournment

Buddy Passes:
Traci – 3
Liz – 2
Banyan – 2
Taunzia -3
Sundi – 1
Becky – 3
Bob – 3
Amelia – 3
Lon – 2
Wilber – 2
Jonathan – 2
Des – 1
Rachel – 1
Jacque – 1

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